About Me

May peace be with you!

Welcome to my blog.

I am delighted to have you on board. My name is Hasna Haneef, a mommy to a toddler, hailing from Thalassery, Kerala. My homeplace being Dubai, as I am born and brought up here and I am very influenced by the lifestyle and the variety of authentic cuisines I get to try from here, which has made me try anything that comes across me (anything halal). This a great blessing. Praise is to god. I am someone who loves cooking ever since and I found my love to recreate and experiment with almost any type of cuisine or a dish I loved to devour. My toddler, the little drama queen is always there to mess up, especially the snaps, very impatiently waiting with the fork and a plate to gobble whatever I experiment and that smile and happiness she shows every time I cook/ bake is what motivates me to do more. Alhamdulillah. 💓

I thought to myself if I could go buy something so effortlessly and not really know what goes into the making of a particular dish; I was missing out on something. My curiosity to find the ingredients of each dish landed me into experimenting all sorts of food. My love for food and anything related has made the husband realize that I am never going to stop experimenting which is when the idea of a food blog happened, where my dear readers could reach out to me and try all my experiments.

Besides cooking, I also love henna designing as a pass time hobby. I love to learn different techniques from the kitchen arena. There is a whole lot more to explore, but I assure you are going to love every bit of it, you don't want to miss all the fun. I also believe this platform is going to help me in building and improving my skills too.

My mother is my role model, she has inspired me since childhood. She creates her own recipes and they are totally out of the world I tell you, maasha Allah (God has willed it). Most of them are her own magic touch, which even if recreated, doesn't come out as good as hers. So I aspire to be like her one day in sha Allah.

The man behind all this is my Mr, Haseeb Hamza, without whose moral support and encouragement I wouldn't have thought of doing this. He is also the 'taster' of my food, the most wanted designation requested by many friends and family.

If you have queries or want to approach me for a collaboration or product review, or anything relating to food, feel free to get in touch with me at taystit18@gmail.com. Alternatively, post a comment below my posts. I love reading them. Feel free to do so.

Thank you for visiting my little space over the web, and I look forward to brightening your days and flattering your friends, family, and colleagues from trying my recipes. Please do tag me on Facebook and Instagram or put a #taystedit tag, so that I may find your pictures. Happy cooking!

Go on now. GO TAYST IT!