Chicken Steak with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Chicken Steak with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Sudden plans/ideas are always the best! Aren't they? This dish was one such concept that just happened to be. I was planning on cooking a healthy meal and I was indeed missing on some comfort food. Chicken brown fried rice was the initial idea, but I swapped it to Chicken Steak with Creamy Mushroom Sauce with Teriyaki Brown Rice with Veggies, to please my taste buds. If you want the recipe to the Teriyaki Brown Rice, let me know! 💗

The climate is changing, Alhamdulillah. Dubai winters are the best, but so does flu and fever come along with it. 😟 Hope everyone is well and stay safe. Take good care of your kids too. Also, a good heartwarming soup is up to be uploaded. The precise one when you can't think of what to give your kids when they are not well and you yourself can enjoy too. Coming back to the Mushroom Sauce - Thank goodness I gave it a go. It was out of this world. The heavy cream mushroom gravy was finger-lickin' good. Though it is rich in flavors and calories😛 you won't regret making this, I assure you.

The mushrooms are sautéed to perfection in the garlic infused butter. Oh my! The aroma is just undeniable. You got to try it to know how fragrant it is and the depth of the sapidity, you'll love it. #comfortfoodatitsbest

This sauce is so elementary but the flavors are immense. It's that simple.

Like I said, this was an impromptu attempt so excuse me for not sharing the step by step photos of this recipe.

So let's move on to the ingredients to get started:



  • 1 Tablespoon Unsalted Butter
  • 2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 500 grams Boneless Tender Chicken Breast, pounded lightly to flatten
  • 1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder 
  • ½ teaspoon crushed Black Pepper 
  • ½ cup All- Purpose Flour
  • Salt to taste


  1. Marinate the chicken using Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, and Salt for 15 minutes.
  2. In a hot steak pan or heavy griddle, drizzle in the Olive oil and let the butter melt away.
    1. Pat the Chicken Breast with some All-Purpose Flour and fry the steak on medium heat for about 10 minutes per side. Then increase the heat and give it a final fry of about 3-4 minutes per side or until it begins to slightly char. Do not crowd the pan, fry a few pieces at a time.



    250 grams mushrooms
    1½ tablespoon unsalted Butter
    1 clove Garlic minced
    ½ medium sized Onion finely chopped
    ½ tablespoon All-Purpose Flour
    ½ cup Heavy cream/ Whipping cream
    ¼ cup Milk
    ½ teaspoon White pepper powder
    2 teaspoon Soy Sauce/ Worcestershire sauce

    Salt to taste


    1. Place a non-stick/ceramic pan on medium-low flame and drop in the butter and sauté the minced garlic until fragrant. 
    2. Next, sauté the onions until soft and translucent. Add the garlic and saute till fragrant. Now add the mushrooms and stir-fry for a couple of minutes till its done.
    3. Now put the flame on simmer and add the All purpose flour and mix for about 30 seconds in the mushroom butter gravy.
    4. Now add the heavy cream and milk couple of tablespoons at a time and keep stirring without fail or else clumps will be formed. Once uniformly done, and the sauce starts to boil, add in the White pepper powder and Soy sauce/ Worcestershire sauce.
    5. Let this simmer for a minute or so, adjust taste and turn off.
    Serve your steak with the sauce drizzled over it, and with the sides of your choice! 

    Bon appetit!


    •  You may decrease or increase the quantity of milk or heavy cream depending on how much sauce you want. For me, the more the sauce, the better.
    • The steak can be served with rice, or mashed potatoes, or even roasted baby potatoes.
    • To make it a wholesome meal you may roast veggies or steam some corn on the cob to go with it.

    Do try this recipe and don't forget to share your experience/feedback with me here in the comments or feel free to send me a mail. Also, do tag me at #taystedit if you try out my recipes on Facebook, Instagram etc so that I can see when you make it. ♡♡♡♡

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